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The Great Imagining workshop series in preparation for 22nd April 2023 art exhibition.

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Join our collective efforts to Regenerate imagination.
The great imagining is an immersive exhibition by young people in their quest to contribute to the fight against climate change in Uganda for a greener fairer and wiser future through design thinking, system thinking and carbon literacy.
Our intention is to understand how contributors, partners and audiences of all ages, cultural and social backgrounds will experience The Great Imagining from and to learn for the next iteration. We have a series of areas, focuses and filters through which to deliver the project and exhibition for example in regards to climate change.
There will be over 20 contributing artists and designers in the exhibition. In addition, there will be 5 contributing schools with around 50 students.
To host a series of activities every day to animate and promote the exhibition and the ideas around the exhibition
We shall have a series of workshops happening each day that ranged from tapestry by using polythene preparing bags, beer can motive, using regeneratively farmed ingredients, beer can votives, drawing, modelling, meditating and yoga. We will have talks on food sustainability, fermentation, poetry readings, music and product design, an immersive storytelling session for future dreaming.
Inclusive Engagements
• Regional
We have contributions and participants from north green school, Makerere university, child study center, the ministry of tourism and the house of fairy tales etc.
• International
We have contributions from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, United Kingdom, Uganda and The Netherlands.
• Inclusive Culture Aims
We are fully inclusive to people of all ages and all cultural backgrounds at all stages in the process from content generation to audience and for them to feel valued when they get involved.
We are having a huge variety of participants in the exhibition, talks program and workshops all of whom invited friends so we have every culture, socio economic background and age-group.
• Cross-Curricular Content Aims.
We are covering a wide range of content inspired by our foundation concepts, our Think lopedia topic areas and value pillars so that the exhibition is fully inclusive and demonstrates the systems we are living within and the interconnectedness of topics.
The content will explore and engage with every concept and topic area as well as value pillar. These will be more obviously connected in the minds of the audience. There are some topics that will arise in the process of curation that are obviously a hugely important area to explore with a wealth of learning for sustainable futures on key topic areas that ensure the most sophisticated, clear and stimulating exhibition.
• Exhibition Core Objective.
Build on our strength as a visual arts lead organization to offer resources to partners and engage the wider audiences. More diversity of visuals within a strong visual identity. Budget for professional documentation and training for a social media team
• Green Influencers.
We shall realize young people’s potential as influencers within their communities. Green Mentors are trained by an avia’s team with young people to engage them with the nature around them in the interests of local ecosystems, their communities and the mental health benefits of being in green spaces; so far, 5 Green Mentors have been trained across executed workshops.

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